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Mixed Martial Arts Program

Steve Moore Cage FightOur MMA/Grappling class meets Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. Tuesday nights we work on the stand up game and no gi grappling. This is an intense work out where students work on punching, kicking and throwing knees and elbows from the ground and stand up position. Students work on their inside game, learning throws and takedowns as well. Next, we hit the ground working on submissions with no gi. Students learn effective ways to submitt and defend themselves while working on postioning from the ground.

Thursday night is an all gi Grappling class. Students learn many techniques from the ground while wearing a gi. Student work form the ground on various chokes, arm bars and leg locks. Many students have competed in actual MMA and BJJ competition with great success with our awesome program.

With combination of gi and no gi classes, our MMA class has helped athletes to dominate the cage at the local level. The class is ran by four instructors, each specializing in certain areas of MMA.

Roy Smith is a martial artist with a decade of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience.  Along with his strong grappling ability, he also has studied Karate, Boxing and Tae Kwon Do.  He also has been involved in gymnastics for a huge portion of his life.

Steve "The Iron Man" Moore is also a cage fighter and boxer. He helps students develop a strong stand up game using there hands and a ground game that is know as "Ground and Pound. He is undefeated in the cage.

Quentin Scholl, known more as "Q", is our technical advisor when it comes to grappling. He has studied Judo and Wrestling. His ability to point out the fine details of grappling has lead to the success of our cage fighters.

Mark Kanaar is a Master of Tae Kwon Do. He has placed at many martial art tournaments for the past 15 years. He is the 2009 Black Belt Heavyweight National AAU Champion for Point Fighting. His strengths are the conditioning of athletes for the cage and developing a strong at up game.

Gabe Naylor is currently a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  He's been training for over 15 years and has dominated every grappling tournament in Michigan.  He is truely a an outstanding martial arts and a major key to our cage fighters success.  He holds an a record of 6-0 in the cage.

Fighters and records:

Tim "You Can't Handle the Truth" Eschtruth  15-5 Hold 3 Belts

Sean "The Spyda" Cole 14-4  Hold 3 Belts

Quincy "The He-Man" Humphrey  11-3  Holds 4 belts

Steve "The Ironman" Moore 9-2 Holds 2 Belts

Gabe Naylor 6-0

Kyle "The Wolf" Hampton

Lucus P.  3-1

Mason "The Maniac" Martinez 2-2

Mark Kanaar 1-1

Matt "The Machine" McConnell 1-0

Russell "Mania" Yankee 0-1

Zaion Marlow 0-3