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Baby Dragons

Baby DragonsThe Baby Dragons program is a specialized class for pre-school aged children. The main focus of the class is to teach three, four and young five years old the importance of classroom produces before entering Kindergarten. The young student must learn to stand at attention, sit at attention and say yes or no sir/ma'am when they are called on. This teaches them discipline, focus, respect and concentration before they enroll in school.

The second main objective of the class is to help young students understand the importance of goals. The program is set up in a way that allows student to achieve rank based on behavior in the classroom. No tests are ever done in the class and students promote by obtaining stars on a star chart. If a student is well behaved in class they receive a star on the star chart. If a student is not well behaved in class, their star in placed on their uniform and the parents and instructors will explain why it was not placed on the star chart. Every time a student receives four stars on the star chart, they get a stripe on their belt. When they have 16 stars, then they are promoted to the next rank. This allows the younger students to understand that good behavior is rewarded when their goal of a new belt or stripe is obtained.

The third main objective is to teach the students martial art techniques. The basic martial art techniques are taught to the students in two different ways. One is through traditional martial training. This methodology of ancient training is thousands of years old and has been used to teach millions of people through out the world. The second is through a concept of game style learning. The students play a well organized game that will help them develop fine motor skills and mental focus. These coordination drills will help students be able to perform high level martial techniques when they get older.

Parents remember studies have shown that students who begin younger in classroom activities have an edge over students who do not. What program will teach your child discipline, confidence, respect, coordination and focus at such a young age? I know this one will!

Class times are Monday, Wednesday from 3:45 to 4:15 pm and Saturday from 10:00-10:30 am.